Does your doctor listen?

Let's change the conversation.

A Few Features We're Introducing into Healthcare

A quick list of primary services offered by TelMD to better serve you.

Practitioner Collaboration

We are the only service that provides for a platform for wellness practitioners to collaborate before offering advice.

Customized Shopping

If a product is recommended within TelMD, know that it was specifically chosen because of who you are.

Micro Check Ins

We believe that most of what you can do in an office can be done from wherever you are by asking a few questions.

How does it work?

We aim to change the way people focus on problems and instead have local wellness teams produce solutions.

Conduct a Check In

Simply log in, answer a few questions, and say what’s on your mind.  Allow us to do the rest.

Practitioner Collaboration

Your input will be sent to a local wellness team of professionals who will collaborate together to review what is best for you.

Keep track of your progress and goals you set for yourself to determine the right lifestyle choices best for you. 

Review Progress

Watch a demo

Watch our company video to see how TelMD can be used in your life!

iOS Demo Screenshots

Note: The TelMD mobile app for iPhones are very similar in nature to the Android app.

User reviews

A few kind words from people who have used TelMD while in Beta.

I do yoga at 6am every day, before anyone is awake.  Natural Bioidentical hormones reset my biological clock.  Now I am fully engaged with my family, work and life.  Thank you, TelMD and my wellness team.

Jessica Chan

After joining TelMD, walking around the block has now turned into a 1/2 marathon. I've lost 57 lbs.!  MY TelMD wellness team listened and took some lab tests, diagnosed and corrected my deficiencies.  What a great group of professionals!

Chris Mullens

I heard about TelMD through the V.A. because I suffer from PTSD.  I've been connected to a great therapist; he can really relate and understand what I've been through and now I feel as if my journey has no limits.

Nick Jonson

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User Dashboard

We allow you to set up a general goal and to track how your progress is along the way by tracking Check Ins.

Wellness Team

Each user is automatically set up with a default Wellness Team in their local area. You will then be able to add or edit.

Messenger Apps

Use the apps you already use to communicate.  Just choose which service you prefer the most.

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